Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, stories and memes about the shock and hilarity of working from home with your significant other have peppered the internet. Realizing your partner is a “let’s circle back to that” guy can be jarring. Hearing your better half reiterate their “hard stop” at 3:00 in their tough-guy-manager voice could be perceived as unflattering or surprisingly take-charge. Fighting over access to the home office (read: the spare bedroom with the desk-like flat surface) may have caused a who-brings-home-the-proverbial-bacon spat.

Perhaps showers were not taken as frequently as previously deemed necessary.

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I’m lucky that work-from-home…

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It hurts you: physically, emotionally, mentally. It drains you. It keeps you on edge.

Depression challenges your sense of self worth, sometimes eliminates it. It makes you certain that you are not enough.

You walk on eggshells around it, hoping not to trigger it. You’re trying to keep it happy.

Others, understandably, compassionately, want you to just leave it. To get help. To put yourself and your well-being first.

You can’t reason with it. There’s little to no negotiation and you can’t prove it wrong. Depression has made up its mind and it’s taking you down with it. You’ve begged…

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Look for fit over prestige.

The moment you make the college search process (or decision-making process) about “fit” instead of a college’s reputation or rank is the moment you shake off half the nerves of the entire application undertaking.

Whether you’re the parent or the student footing the bill, that bill can be astronomical. If you’re making that kind of hefty investment, shouldn’t you be paying for a good fit option over the idea of an option with more clout?

“Good fit” can mean everything from the right price, the right major, the right size of classes and student-to-teacher ratios, or the right location. This…

Mindset of an educator working in an era of on-campus violence

I keep sneakers under my desk at work, which is efficient because having them there forces me to change into my workout clothes before the work day is over so that I go straight to the gym and avoid even making eye contact with my couch. The other benefit is that I can run for my life if there is an active shooter on campus and I happened to wear heels that day.

Every morning, I scan the quad of the high school where a good percentage of our…

When counselors task students with crafting a list of schools for their preliminary college list, many factors come into play and those considerations can rank in importance in a variety of ways. Size, location, programs offered, internship opportunities, study abroad options, cost, diversity, services offered, acceptance rate: all of these characteristics assist students in filtering colleges into a more manageable list. Any counselor can tell you that they’ve seen college lists with upwards of 25 schools; however, it is often the hope that students will ultimately apply to a balanced list of 7–10 schools. Narrowing that list by criteria important…

Like most, I first “found” Shakespeare in high school. While I enjoyed Romeo and Juliet in 9th grade (and detested Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of the tragedy), I truly became enthralled with all things Bard of Avon in college, especially through the guidance of a professor who shaped my initial passion for the playwright and enkindled my confidence in a discipline that can feel intimidating and difficult to approach. …

The field of school counseling (formerly and more commonly known as guidance counseling) has ebbed, flowed, stalled, and grown over the years, whether that be in terms of services provided or ideologies developed about child and adolescent development. School counseling encompasses personal social/emotional counseling and referrals, academic advising, general transition and planning working with families as students prepare for that transition, and a focus on cultivating college and career awareness and skills. With those responsibilities comes a need to monitor national trends in higher education and further training, as well as earnestly adhering to a strengths based approach with each…

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